Old City Podcast/Audiobook Recording
Philadelphia, PA 19106

On Location Podcast & Audiobook Recording

Philadelphia Tape Sync Service

Sometimes it is better for us to come to you!

We bring the microphones, recording computer, small mixer if needed, headphones, etc. Everything that is needed to record on location can be brought to you. If the recording is of an event that lasts for an afternoon, a few hours or an evening, we can be there to record it as it happens. Or, if there is a lot of remote recording needed, we can help with a set up and with tips on how to record great audio yourself, which we can edit and produce a finished version back at our Old City location.

Remote Recording / Tape Sync


  • Lectures
  • Podcasts
  • Events
  • Audiobooks
  • Audio for Websites

Why Choose Leopard

Leopard Studio has the experience to make all of your recorded audio sound fantastic – the best it can be. So if you want your podcast or audiobook to really stand out with great quality, Leopard Studio is your audio partner!

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