Old City Podcast/Audiobook Recording
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Podcast Recording and Production

Leopard Studio records podcasts at our Old City Philadelphia location

Partner with Leopard Studio:  We work with podcasters and media companies from around the world. If you need quality podcast recording services in Philadelphia for your show, drop us a line.

Recording: Our Philadelphia recording studio can record up to several guests at once. It’s quiet, private and comfortable for you and your guests.

Editing: We can snip your audio and take out the sections that didn’t work, move sections around and streamline your content. Additionally we can provide fine edits – cleaning up breaths and much more to provide broadcast quality editing.

Mixing: Let’s put on your theme music, and attach your introduction, outro, and sponsorship material.

Mastering/Post Production: We will make your podcast audio loud and clear through audio mastering and correctly format and name the recording file.

Podcast Production: We’d love to help bring your podcast vision to fruition.

Audio System

  • ProTools HD Recording System (in studio)
  • Avalon 737 Microphone Preamp
  • Avalon 747 Vompressor/EQ
  • Distressor Vompressors
  • Shure Sm7b Microphones
  • Electro-voice RE20 Microphone
  • Laptop Logic Audio (mobile system)
  • Scarlet 4i2 Audio Interface (mobile system).

Why Choose Leopard

Leopard Studio has the experience to make all of your recorded audio sound fantastic – the best it can be. So if you want your podcast or audiobook to really stand out with great quality, Leopard Studio is your audio partner!

Work with Leopard Studio

Make a great sounding podcast or audiobook!