Old City Podcast/Audiobook Recording
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Podcast Recording and Production

Leopard Studio records podcasts at our Old City Philadelphia location

We use a very high quality recording system and microphones. Typically the host will come over with the guest and we get comfortable and start right in. After the podcast has been recorded, we then edit any parts that need to be fixed, such as a mistake in speaking. Leopard can then add any theme music and record sponsorship ads.

The final step, too often overlooked, is “mastering” the recording. Mastering will make the podcast sound like a professionally produced recording by making the sound as loud as other podcasts, and cut out low end rumble, making the sound clear. Additionally, this process makes the sound level (volume) throughout the podcast more even, including evening out volume differences between the different speakers on the podcast.

Why Choose Leopard

Leopard Studio has the experience to make all of your recorded audio sound fantastic – the best it can be. So if you want your podcast or audiobook to really stand out with great quality, Leopard Studio is your audio partner!

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