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Podcast Production

Our podcast production services in the Philadelphia region

There is more to a great podcast or audio presentation than just the recording studio engineering. We can provide project management services to manage all aspects for your project to excel. We work with organizational creative directors, content creators, marketing directors and digital media managers and others to make a compelling, quality podcast or audio presentation.

No two projects have the exact same requirements. We work together with you to make and execute a unique, comprehensive plan for great results. Plus, we’re flexible – tell us what your particular needs are and we’ll come up with a solution.

Podcast Production Services

  • ProTools HD Recording System (in studio)
  • Project Planning – understand all the elements required.
  • Project Management – stay on track, anticipate needs.
  • Studio Management – finding the best studios for remote guests.
  • Audio Management – organized, labelled, sensible audio file management.
  • Websites – Leopard Studio has a website development partner – Fab Web Philly

Why Choose Leopard

Leopard Studio has the experience to make all of your recorded audio sound fantastic – the best it can be. So if you want your podcast or audiobook to really stand out with great quality, Leopard Studio is your audio partner!

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