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Leopard Studio Records for The Antigen Podcast (about vaccines)

by | Feb 25, 2020

Leopard Studio has been very busy of late recording for a new informative podcast all about vaccines. It is called The Antigen, and it launches Tuesday December 11th. Produced by Wonder Media in NYC, and sponsored by Pfizer, it is hosted by Dr. Yasmeen Agosti, a pediatrician who specializes in vaccine development. As Dr Agosti is located here in Philadelphia, Wonder Media reached out to us to do the bulk of Yasmeen’s recording – about 20 recording sessions!

This podcast is a very deep look into everything dealing with vaccines, including the histories of vaccines, how they are developed, the resulting increase of life expectancy, global health impacts, the anti-vaccine movement, and what vaccines are currently being developed. Guests on the show include doctors and medical professionals, vaccine developers, vaccine experts from the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation, and the US head of Save The Children.

It really has been great to work with Dr Yasmeen Agosti on this show – she is a great podcast host. Great voice, super informed, with a very high standard for the material. Personally, I have really learned a lot about this vital part of our health, and have come to understand vaccines much better. Plus the team at Wonder Media, including the podcasts producer Liz Smith, has been a pleasure to work with, as well as being a great creative team.